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The fresh flavor of orange and the enticing color of Grenadine combined with the bitter tasting Whiskey makes a wonderful drink you can enjoy. 

Another Whiskey variation that not only has great taste but also has an Instagram-worthy appearance-try this recipe yourself and enjoy! 

Whiskey Sunrise Ingredients: 

Whiskey Sunrise Preparation: 

  1. In a rocks glass , put ice, bourbon, orange juice. Stir. 
  2. Add Grenadine. 
  3. Serve and enjoy! 

Know Your Ingredients 

  • Grenadine - a red color sweet syrup flavor used in making cocktails
  • Bourbon - distilled alcoholic beverage made from corn
  • Orange juice - juice came from an orange fruit

Bar Accessories

There's a lot of ways to modify a whiskey sunrise cocktail. Whip up your style and enjoy whiskey in a sunrise way.  


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