Whiskey and Orange: An Ideal Combo

An all around citrus fruit with a sweet & tangy taste can be paired with anything-from sweet, bitter, salty and sour flavor, it can spice up any dish or drink you are having. Just like a good old barrel aged whiskey, it has its own perfect taste that enhances the flavors and richness of every dish and cocktailsMix them together and you'll produce a simple yet elegant and delightful outcome which everyone can enjoy. 

Did you know?
The French are the number one whiskey drinkers
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Whiskey and Orange Ingredients:

Whiskey and Orange Preparation:

  1. In a rocks glass, put whiskey, simple syrup and orange juice together and stir. 
  2. Add ice. 
  3. Garnish with an orange slice. 

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Did you know? 
Brazil is the orange capital of the world. 
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The Perfect Pair

Whiskey can be paired with a lot of food. With its broad sweet to bitter taste, chocolates, cheese and dried fruits & nuts go well with this. Red meat such as steaks and ribs elevates its savory flavor with whiskey. 

The Rise in Fame 

The state where the famous entertainment industry is and the bridge that's been known for its structure, California, is the place where whiskey and orange meets! For a long period of time, California sits on top of the list when it comes to whiskey and orange. Other than US, UK enjoy this drink as well. 

With such an amazing drink like whiskey & orange, celebrations with family or simply being by yourself can be a thrilling and exciting experience one could ever have. So throw together this simple ingredients and make your own whiskey & orange drink!

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