What Are The Best Beer Breweries?

With its malty and refreshingly smooth taste, who doesn’t love a glass of ice-cold beer?  Certainly, not Americans who still prefer beer over other alcoholic beverages, according to statista.com, the foremost statistics and research portal on the Internet. The truth is there are hundreds of varieties of beers to choose from, but if you’re feeling adventurous and would like to try something different, you can check out the list of best beers from RateBeer.


RateBeer is the Internet’s most comprehensive beer ratings and reviews portal. There is also a RateBeer App available on both Apple and Android devices. You can search for over 500,000 beers on the app’s database. It also keeps a record of your rates and likes as well as save beers you wish to keep track of rate later.

The List

The results of the study are based on actual beer reviews submitted by users of their website. Factors include the historical performance of top performing beers from the previous year, comparison of newer vs. older and larger vs. smaller brewers.

Top Brewers

The following are the top performing breweries of the over 24,000 listed on RateBeer:

  1. Hill Farmstead Brewery, Vermont – has been awarded the top spot since 2013. The brewery has more than 200 years of brewing history behind it. Interestingly, a series of their locally-grown line-up of beer products are named after founders of the company. Another is named after Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil. The names alone are enough to pique your interest.
  2. Cloudwater Brew Company, Manchester, England – specializes in modern craft beer made from seasonal ingredients. Try their colourfully-packaged hopped ales in cans for a fun road trip with friends or their classic brews in an elegantly designed bottle for more formal outings. You can order them online via their website.
  3. Trillium Brewing Company, Massachusetts – This Boston based brewery was founded by a newlywed couple who had a passion for sharing home-grown beer into their community. Inspired by the concept of a farmhouse brewery, ingredients for their ales are mostly locally sourced but produced in the latest beer crafting technologies.
  4. AleSmith Brewing Company, California – is an award-winning artisanal craft brewery from San Diego that specializes in handcrafted ales. In 2014, it was rated as the best brewery in the world based on consumer reviews and ratings at RateBeer.com.
  5.    Cycle Brewing, Florida – is a bike-themed brewery and taproom based in St. Petersburg, Florida. They have a wide selection of beer with odd names such as Dual Bike, and Riddle Me That. Enjoy a lively drinking experience with the fun and creative atmosphere of their tasting room.

The other brewers on the RateBeer list include Omnipollo from Sweden at sixth place. Followed by Other Half Brewing in New York City. Another brewery from Florida who made it on the list is Cigar City Brewing located in Tampa. Two brewers from Denmark made it to the top ten list. These are Mikkeller and Evil Twin Brewing whose founders, incidentally, are twin brothers.


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