Water that Tastes Like Wine

If you are into healthy, non-alcoholic beverages this season, this one-of-a kind grapes-infused water called O.Vine will definitely make your summer a lot more refreshing. What is O.Vine and what makes it so special?

Innovation and Opportunity

O.Vine is launched by Israeli start-up, Wine Water Ltd. It is an all-natural, non-alcoholic drink made from pure spring water and wine grape skins and seeds. It was inspired by the sustainable initiatives and visionary journey of its CEO and founder, Anat Levi, an experienced wine executive and former CEO of Israel’s Golan Heights Winery for almost a decade.

Unfazed by a technical glitch that caused a huge revenue loss to the company and almost threatened to lay off half of its employees, Levi led an innovative process that increased revenue sales instead.

O.Vine was created in partnership with Practical Innovation which is responsible behind the award-winning creative marketing campaigns for major brands worldwide. Together, the two teams successfully developed clean, precise oxidation processes while maintaining wine’s natural aroma and color.

Levi and her team was able to reduce wastage from the winemaking process and use it to develop O.Vine, which is made from discarded wine grapes extracts rich in phytochemicals that are proven to have positive health benefits as well.

Sustainability and Traceability

In addition to ecological sustainability, tracking its raw materials is also an important concern for Wine Water Ltd. in developing their products, from choosing vines down to selecting their suppliers. The result is a product that is not only environmentally friendly but comes from all-natural, preservative-free ingredients as well.  With all these lovely and healthy ingredients in a drink, what’s not to love about this grape-infused water?

Delicious and Healthy Option

Launched at the famous New York Fancy Food Show just recently, O.Vine has the anti-oxidant properties of wine and the refreshing goodness of pure spring water that is suitable for everyone because of its non-alcoholic properties.

Levi’s target market are consumers of all ages who enjoy all-natural, healthy living but open to newer, and fresher flavors. O.Vine is a more delicious alternative to sustainably sourced beverage drinks without skimping on ingredients and retaining its health benefits.

O.Vine features a line of still beverages and carbonated drinks, each available in two varieties of red and white grapes in an elegant, beautifully-illustrated, 350ml bottle. The Red bottle is made with cabernet grapes, syrah, merlot, and petit verdot plants. The White variety, on the other hand, is made up of Riesling grapes and gewürztraminer plants.

Environmentally sustainable and all-natural ingredients? Check. Refreshing and delicious non-alcoholic beverage? Double check. If you’re looking for these qualities and more for your go-to drink this summer, then you should definitely give O.Vine a try. You’ll thank us later.  

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