This Is the Reason Why Cocktails Are Served in Different Glasses

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Why are cocktails served in so many different types of glasses?  Why are some spirits served in a rocks glass and others in flute ones?  How do bartenders know which glasses to pour a specific cocktail in?

According to experts, however, there is a simple explanation behind this.

Cocktails are served in different glasses to heighten the two major factors responsible for making us enjoy our drinks, our sense of smell and taste.

Simply put, the shape and size of the glassware strongly affect our drinking experience. Though it may look like certain glasses are designed for aesthetic purposes, the truth is, they are the way they are for more logical reasons.

Specific Glasses Serve Different Purposes

Scotch, for example, is served on lowball glasses called “rocks” because the shape of this type of glass can contain big chunks of ice. Another reason why spirits such as brandy and whisky are served in rocks glasses is because its big opening allows plenty of room for mixing and stirring.

Champagne flutes, on the other hand, are often used for happy occasions and celebrations.  The bead at the bottom of a flute enables bubbles to form on the glass and make them last longer.    

Moreover, Martini glasses are designed with an inverted cone bowl and long stem to maintain the temperature of the drinks.  

Why Copper?

For chilled cocktails like a Moscow Mule, however, using copper mugs is the only way to go. How does drinking from a copper mug affect the whole Moscow mule experience?

Here are two reasons why copper is essential to the enjoyment of drinking a Moscow mule cocktail:

  • It affects temperature

True Moscow mule lovers know that an icy cool temperature is the most important and pleasurable aspect of the drink. The design of the copper mug is ideal for maintaining the drink’s temperature. Its insulating properties, on the other hand, keeps the drink cool even during hot weather.

  • It enhances taste

Drinking from a copper vessel heightens not only the aroma but the flavor of the Moscow Mule. This is because of the oxidation process that happens when copper comes in contact with the ingredients that make up the cocktail. Cold copper mugs also add a delicious fizz to the drink making the entire drinking experience even more enjoyable.

How you enjoy your drinks says a lot about who you are. A true cocktail aficionado knows that drinking is an art form that requires appropriate vessels for a truly authentic drinking experience.

So, next time you’re at a bar and see drinks being prepared on certain glasses, keep in mind that specific glasses serve different purposes and that there is a reason why some drinks are served in the glass they came in.


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