The Unofficial Yet Fun 2018 World Cup Drinking Game

Can’t get enough of the World Cup fever? We can’t blame you. What’s not to love about the exhilarating sense of national pride, international sports competitions bring? Plus, the World Cup is the perfect excuse to stock up on beer and binge drink the entire month.

But instead of sitting at home watching the games all by yourself, why not invite your friends over for a day of unlimited chips, drinks, and hilarious sports commentaries? While you’re at it, level up viewing experience with your buddies with a spur-of-the-moment drinking game inspired by this year’s World Cup finals.

Take A Shot When

Is like an adult version of truth or dare, without worrying about the truth part. With this game, you don’t have to spend five minutes in the closet, being forced to make out with some random stranger,. The dare will depend on the action that’s about to come up on screen.

The rule is take a shot of whatever alcohol is available as soon as any of these sample scenarios happen. The person who fails to do so will have to take double shots. If that person missed three times in a row, he or she has to take a swig of the drink three times and so on.

You can create your own list as you wish just make sure the list is already up before watching the game because part of the fun is waiting for what will happen next.

  •    A commentator mispronounces the name of a player, mentions Diego Maradona, or refers to the sport as a religion
  •    The Wolf Zabivaka, the official World Cup mascot, is shown on screen
  •    The official World Cup song is played
  •    A player takes a dive
  •    Your team scores a goal

Take A Double Shot When

Double the excitement and twice the trouble, keep tabs on these sample scenarios (or you can create your own list) or you’ll end up taking double shots of everything. So, stay alert always, or wind up getting drunk in no time.

  •    Players huddle with a referee to debate a call
  •    A penalty kick is missed
  •    A ball is kicked by a goalie
  •    A player on your team gets a Yellow or Red Card

Finish Your Drink

By the time the game is over, chances are you and your friends are already half-wasted on the couch wondering where all the drinks have gone. However, if you still have the drinks and some energy left just before the game ends, the last person to finish his or her drink will have to continue with the list. Again, here are some sample scenarios. You may add to it or create your own as you wish:

  •    A commentator mentions Germany’s chances of advancing in the current games
  •    The opposing team scores
  •    A free kick is announced

Go for the goal with these fun and exciting drinking games you can play with your friends while watching let’s say… the knockout rounds on TV. But first you will need to have drinks with you, lots and lots of them. So, let the games…er…drinking begin

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