The Crow Cocktail Recipe

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And if you’re craving for something intense this weekend, this stunning and mouth-watering mix of gin, sake, and bitters from @mixologists_life is highly recommended. Find out for yourself how intensely satisfying the drink can be, with the recipe guide below.

The Ingredients

Be warned. This isn’t your boring old-cocktail recipe. Bring out the bar tools because you are about to create some insanely delicious cocktail masterpiece with these eclectic mix of ingredients: simple syrup, sour mix, yuzu sake, birch bitter liqueur, crowberry liqueur, and an ounce and a half of London dry gin.


You won’t believe how quick and easy this is. First is, combine all the ingredients in an ice-filled glass, then shake. Finally, add ice to another glass and pour prepared mixture all over it. Garnish as you wish.


  •    .5 oz of simple syrup
  •    1 oz of sour mix
  •    3 bar spoons of yuzu sake
  •    .3 oz of birch bitter liqueur
  •    .6 oz crowberry liqueur
  •    1.5 oz of London dry gin


  •    Add ice to glass
  •    Add .5 oz of simple syrup
  •    Add 1 oz of sour mix
  •    Add 3 barspoons of yuzu sake
  •    Add .3 oz of birch bitter liqueur
  •    Add .6 crowberry liqueur
  •    Add 1.5 oz of London dry gin
  •    Shake mixture
  •    Add ice to glass
  •    Strain the mixture into the glass
  •    Garnish

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