Sun of the North Cocktail Recipe

Do you feel like melting from the heat this summer? Cool off, relax, and chill with another refreshing cocktail recipe from one of our favorite Instagram influencers, 2017 Belgian Drinks Finalist @servedbysoberon. This week, we’re featuring his captivating and invigorating cocktail recipe, North of the Cocktail Recipe, an explosion of absinthe and fruit flavors in a glass of cold, cold, ice guaranteed to quench your thirst like crazy. 

The Ingredients

Don’t just think about, bring it. This summer must-have is made up of only simple ingredients, so you wouldn’t have to spend the entire day sweating. Head to your nearest bottle shop for the Absinthe and some navy strength gin. Other ingredients you will need are vanilla syrup, lime juice, and lemon juice.  Here’s how to do it.


In a mixing glass, add three pieces of strawberries. Pour vanilla syrup and muddle. Combine absinthe, lime juice, lemon juice, and navy strength gin to the mix. Add ice and shake then set aside. Fill another glass with crushed ice. Then, strain mixture into the glass. Finally, garnish the drink with a citrus wedge and strawberry slice.



  •        Strawberries
  •        5oz Vanilla syrup
  •        1 Barspoon Absinthe
  •        1oz Lime juice
  •        1oz Lemon juice
  •        1oz Navy strength gin
  •        1 Slice of lime


  1.   Muddle strawberry and vanilla syrup into a glass
  2.   Put all the other ingredients and ice
  3.   Shake
  4.   Fill another glass with crushed ice.
  5.   Strain the mix into the glass
  6.   Garnish.

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