Scotch Old Fashioned Recipe

Another simple cocktail that has packed of flavors. Scotch old fashioned, with a little sweet taste from oranges and cherries together with a kick of bitterness of Scotch, blends well with a bit of sugar, creates a wonderful lay-back drink that you will surely love. 

Make one for yourself and experience a blast of flavors in every sip. 

Did you know? 
Louisville's official drink is old fashioned!
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Scotch Old Fashioned Ingredients:

Scotch Old Fashioned Preparation:

  1. In a rocks glass, put sugar and biters, then muddle. 
  2. Add a slice of orange and a piece of cherry, then continue to muddle. 
  3. Add ice and Scotch. 
  4. Stir properly and serve. 

Did you know? 
Mountain dew was originally a whiskey chaser!
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Know Your Ingredients: 

  • Angostura bitters - a concentrated bitters from herbs and spices
  • Lemon - an oval shaped yellow citrus fruit 
  • Maraschino cherry - is a preserved and sweetened cherry

Bar Accessories

  •  muddle stick - used to smash ingredients to release its flavors
  •  rocks glass - also known as an old fashioned glass
  • bar spoon  - a long spoon used to stir drinks



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