Sail Away to A Tropical Island by Drinking this Pineapple Cocktail

Do you wish you can travel to a tropical island, basking in the summer sun while drinking tasty and fruity tropical cocktails? Just a sip of our Sail Away cocktail recipe, and you’ll be transported to your own beach getaway – even if it is just at your backyard.

The first thing you need to is go to your nearest market and buy a pineapple. Then, turn it into a cocktail vessel. Don't know how? You can read our how to make a pineapple cocktail glass blog.

Add 2 sprigs of mint and 4 pineapple chunks into glass. You can use the chunks that you've removed from the pineapple. Pour 1 oz of lime juice and .5 oz of honey syrup. Then, muddle.

Add 1.5 oz light rum and ice. Then, shake.

Add crushed ice to the pineapple cocktail glass. Strain the cocktail to the pineapple cocktail glass.

Top with 5 oz of spiced rum.




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