Perfectly Paired Cocktail Recipe

Time sure goes by very fast. It wasn’t too long ago when we were introducing you to some great-tasting summer cocktail recipes in collaboration with various social media influencers. And before we know it, fall is almost here. It’s time to say goodbye to long, lazy, summer nights and welcome the crisp, cool autumn air. But one thing’s for sure though. This gorgeous cocktail creation from British photographer Andrew Barrow will surely keep you in high spirits whatever the season is. You can check out his awesome Instagram feed for more cocktail inspiration, here.

The Ingredients

Feel the first blush of fall with an eclectic but surprisingly wonderful mix of pear puree, cinnamon powder, and champagne. Combined with Licor 43 and an ounce of Cachaca, this cocktail will have you wondering where it’s been hiding all your life.  


Lucky for you, making this cocktail recipe is easy peasy. First thing you need to do is combine the pear puree, Licor 43, and Cachaca into a mixing glass with ice, then shake. Next step is to strain the liquid into another glass. Top it off with champagne and finally, garnish with a pear slice and a dash of cinnamon powder.

That’s it. What a quick, easy, and delicious way to welcome the new season. Cheers!


  •           1oz Pear Puree
  •           .5oz Licor 43
  •           1oz Cachaca
  •           Champagne
  •           1 Slice of Pear
  •           Cinnamon Powder


  •           Put pear puree, Licor 43, and Cachaca into a glass with ice
  •           Shake mixture
  •           Strain the mix into a glass
  •           Top with champagne
  •           Garnish with a slice of pear and cinnamon powder

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