Online Sales of Alcohol Grew By 32.7%

We have come so far from the time when alcoholic beverages were regulated by the government and people had to smuggle booze from authorities. Who would’ve that after a century, we could buy all the liquor we want and could even get them delivered straight to our homes? What was unthinkable generations ago has now become the norm as more and more people purchase alcohol via the internet and the numbers are even growing according to e-commerce analytics firm Slice Intelligence.

What alcohol are consumers buying online?

A two-year study on online alcohol consumer behavior was conducted by Slice Intelligence, now officially known as Rakuten Intelligence, one of the world’s most trusted and largest e-commerce panel. Slice provides relevant, credible, and accurate online shopper data and insights to major brands and retailers worldwide. The results of the study revealed how alcohol sales online has grown by a staggering 32.7% within a two-year period among over 65 thousand respondents.

Data showed wine as the top seller, followed by spirits, and beer. Surprisingly, women account for more than half of the alcoholic beverages ordered online, particularly of wine, which also turned out to be the most popular choice for men.

While Slice has admitted to the limitations of the relatively new data of e-commerce alcohol sales, they are also confident of its potential in the coming years, especially in the beer category which is expected to be a major player in the future. Given this prediction, it is not at all surprising that while beer may be the least ordered among the alcoholic beverages, 6 out of the top-10 alcoholic brands belong to the beer category.

Apps and Alcohol  

Slice attributed this increase in online alcohol sales to the popularity of Drizly, an alcohol delivery service app. Drizly is the world’s largest alcoholic beverage marketplace. They offer a wide selection of wine, spirits, and beer products at a competitive price in more than 90 cities across North America.

According to Slice, Drizly’s revenue increased by more than 60% last year which was twice as fast as the overall online sales of alcohol for that year. On the other hand, Minibar Delivery, another app-based alcohol shop and delivery service only had an increase of 6.5% last in 2017.

Evolution of Drinking

It’s amazing how much we’ve progressed since the early 20th century. With the click of a button or a touch of a screen, we can simply order liquor online and get them delivered to us without a fuss. Whereas, history has taught us how this was definitely not a possibility all those decades ago.

Slice’s findings reveal how much of the world has changed over the years, especially in how drinking has evolved. The study also says something about how consumers are trusting the internet these days and getting more and more comfortable with the use of technology when buying something––including liquor!

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