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For those that own or rent high-end homes or condos, a tasteful bar area is a standard amenity, however, for many aspiring bartenders, this is not feasible or desirable. But when it comes to providing top-flight drinks, a bar is not necessary.

Once you’ve got your hands on our hand-crafted copper mugs or must-have glasses, you may want to add them to your home bar setup. When seeking to build up your barware, good bartending tools that are relatively cheap and easy to use can make you the star bartender your next cocktail party. Who knows if this is the start of a new passion or career for you?

For those looking to get the most out of their barware, there are a number of tools that are either top-of-the-line in quality, unique in their versatility, or both. The tools that we have chosen to highlight will allow you to whip up the drink the way it is supposed to be made without pulling a construction permit.

Say goodbye to improvised cocktails made with whatever tool happens to be available in your collection of kitchen tools. These bartending tools will allow the home mixologist to forego the cost of an in-home bar while achieving the desired result: perfectly made adult beverages.

OXO SteeL Muddler with Non-Scratch Nylon Head and Soft Non-Slip Grip

Take one look at this muddler. This is not the wooden muddler with the smooth, rounded end that you have probably seen in your grandparents’ kitchen.

This beast is meant to get the most out of the ingredient being muddled, and it was designed with performance in mind. The rubber-coated ergonomic handle provides the grip you need to crush those mint leaves, and its flattened base means it can serve as an ice-crushing device should you need one.


The teeth on the muddling end make it more effective in releasing juices from your ingredients, and a nylon coating on the head prevents damage to glassware.

If you want a muddler that checks the boxes of practicality and sleek design, you can’t go wrong with this OXO Muddler.

Metrokane Bullet Cocktail Shaker

When we specify tools for the home bartender, affordability does not come before quality and style points.

The Metrokane Bullet cocktail shaker combines a reasonable price point ($18.50) with a compact, bullet-shaped stainless steel design that makes it easy to clean.

The design is an art-deco style, with all of the subtle class that defines true art deco, without the tackiness that is often associated with the style. This is a timeless design that would fit in virtually any home or apartment.

In terms of performance, the slim design makes it easily hand-held for shaking and stirring. The Bullet is noted for its ability to quickly chill drinks, an effect of its design and surface area. It is available in 18-ounce and 28-ounce versions, depending on the size of the bullet you prefer.

OXO Double Jigger

Not every jigger is made the same, and the OXO Double Jigger provides features that most producers of jiggers simply ignore.

The dual-sided design offers varying measurement ranges for different recipes, and the laser-etched measurement marks are guaranteed not to fade with use.

The most noteworthy feature may be the non-slip grip, which allows for confident pours and less spilled liquid.

At its price, this will be the only jigger you ever need to buy.

Ozeri Wine Bottle Accessory Corkscrew & Accessory Set

At its price point, this will be a great starter wine bottle opener kit. However, if you prefer the convenience and a more modern look in your home bar, you may opt for electric wine bottle openers

This wine bottle opening kit includes a stainless-steel corkscrew with foil cutting knife, drip-stop collar, combination wine pourer/stopper, and foil cutter.

Packed in a wine bottle-shaped case with a magnetic locking mechanism, you can leave it standing on your bar along with your wine bottles and no one will suspect its contents. 

KTOJOY 3 Pack Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Opener

When throwing a party at home, you don't want to be stuck behind the bar all the time. Mingling with friends means also offering to open beer bottles for them. The stainless steel flat bottle opener screams convenience, functionality, and affordability. With three bottle openers in the pack, you can be in three places at the same time by leaving one in the designated bar area and one near the cooler for those who prefer beer over cocktails. You're not very fond of this design? Check out this review of bottle openers and choose one for you. 


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