Maker's Mark Whiskey Sour

The sweet and smooth texture as well as the vanilla and caramel taste of this whiskey become a lot better when combined with the sour flavor of lemon to create a wonderful drink. You have an option of adding egg whites for more foamy and creamy flavor. Try this Whiskey Sour recipe written below. 

Maker's Mark Whiskey Sour Ingredients:

Maker's Mark Whiskey Sour Preparation:

  • In a shaker, put bourbon, simple syrup, lemon juice and ice. 
  • Mix properly. 
  • Pour in a rocks glass. 
  • Add lemon wheel and cherry as garnish. 
  • Enjoy. 

Know Your Ingredients 

  • Bourbon - distilled alcoholic beverage made from corn
  • Simple syrup - a sweet mixture of sugar and water
  • Lemon - yellow citrus fruit used in cooking 

Bar Accessories 

  • Shaker - container used to mix ingredients 
  • Strainer - used to strain cocktails
  • Rocks Glass - also known as an old fashioned glass 

Enjoy your great drink! Cheers!

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