Low Calorie Whiskey Cocktails

Can you imagine relishing on a cocktail with full of enticing and wonderful flavors and not losing the greatness in any of its taste at all? Try these low calorie Whiskey recipes and enjoy every drop of a great cocktail. 

1. Strawberry Lemon Bourbon Smash



  1. In a pitcher, put quartered strawberries, basil leaves and syrup and muddle. 
  2. Add lemon soda and bourbon whiskey. 
  3. Pour into a glass with crushed ice. 
  4. Enjoy! 

2. ZA-BOUR-ESCA Cocktail 



  1. In a glass filled with ice, put whiskey in. 
  2. Top it off with Fresca. 
  3. Serve and enjoy! 

3. Whiskey Over Strawberry Basil Ice



  1. Put quartered strawberries and basil leaves on an ice tray then fill with water. Let it freeze. 
  2. Serve with whiskey. 
  3. Enjoy! 

Know Your Ingredients 

  • Whiskey - distilled alcoholic beverage made from grain mash 
  • Basil - an herb used in cooling and mixing drinks
  • Strawberry - a berry used as flavors and add extra special on every drink

Bar Accessories 

  • Muddle Stick - used to smash ingredients to release its juices 
  • Shaker - a container used to mix ingredients 
  • Strainer - used to strain cocktails
  • Ice tray - a molder used for freezing water 

Enjoy your drinks with low calorie content without sacrificing any taste and flavors. 



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