Kahlua Sour Cocktail Recipe

Having a strong flavor of coffee with a hint of vanilla and a sweet alcohol taste, Kahlua is surely loved by most of us. 

It's great when combined with chocolate flavored alcohol and whipped cream!

Here's a Kahlua Sour recipe for you to enjoy. 

Did you know? 
February 27 Is the National Kahlua Day!
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Kahlua Sour Ingredients:

Kahlua Sour Preparation:

  1. In a shaker , put the Kahlua, lemon juice, egg white and simple syrup. Shake properly. 
  2. Use a  strainer to  transfer the mixture in a chilled glass .
  3. Add ice and serve. 

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Recipe Variations:

  • White Russian - it's a mixture of coffee liquor, vodka and cream, usually served in an old fashioned glass with ice. 
  • Black Russian - based on its names, this drink does not have cream on it, it's just vodka and coffee liquor served on an old fashioned glass with ice. 
  • Mud Slide - it's a combination of coffee liquor, vodka , Irish cream and/or heavy cream. 

Know Your Ingredients:

  • Kahlua  - a coffee flavored liquor that came from Mexico. 
  • Simple syrup - it's a mixture of sugar and water simmered until it combines together. 
  • Egg white - it gives the foamy texture to every drink, and it came from a chicken .
  • Lemon juice - it came from a citrus family and it's been part of a lot of cuisines and drinks; gives extra tangy flavor. 

Bar Accessories:

  • Shaker - either plastic or steel, it is used to mix ingredients properly.
  • Strainer - used to remove chunk particles from the mixture and gives it a smooth consistency. 
  • Rocks glass - also known as an old fashioned glass. 

Did you know? 
It takes 7 years to make a Kahlua!
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Brief History 

Knowing that Kahlua came from Veracruz, Mexico around 1936 by a man named Pedro Domecq, coffee & alcohol lovers were very pleased. And now, it is widely used as an extra flavor to enhance every dish and drinks. 

Coffee lovers or not, either way, there's no reason why you won't enjoy a glass of Kahlua mixed cocktail. Because of its rich and strong flavor and the added goodness it brings to every dish or drink it can be your next favorite thing. 


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