3 Appetizing Jalapeño Limeade Recipes

The refreshing zesty zing of lime made into a cheerful drink and spiced up with a kick of jalapeño to make it lively that everyone can enjoy. 

Try these three recipes that you will surely crave for more. 

1. Spicy Jalapeño Limeade Margarita



  1. Use the agave or corn syrup to rim the glass followed by salt. 
  2. Using a  shaker, mix the rest of the ingredients properly. 
  3. Transfer to a chilled glass using a strainer
  4. Garnish with lime wedge. 

Did you know? 
Jalapeño is the first pepper to travel in space in Nasa shuttle.
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2. Lime Cucumber Jalapeño Spritzer



  1. Put lime, cucumber and chili in a highball glass  , then Muddle. 
  2. Add ice and the red bull. 
  3. Use the remaining cucumber, chili and lime for garnish.

3. Spicy Citrus Splash Cocktail



  1. Put the jalapeño in a shaker then Muddle until juice comes out. 
  2. Juice the oranges and lime then put in the shaker together with the chili
  3. Add in the tequila and shake well. 
  4. Use a strainer to transfer the mixture in a chilled glass. 
  5. Enjoy!

Did you know?
August 19 is the National Hot & Spicy Food day!
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Know Your Ingredients

  • Lime - green citrus fruit
  • Oranges - sweet round orange in color fruit. 
  • Jalapeño - medium-sized chilli pepper pod
  • Tequila -a distilled alcoholic beverage from agave plant
  • Bar Accessories

  • shaker - a plastic or steel container used to mix cocktail 
  • Strainer -  used to strain sediments from cocktail mixtures 
  • Highball glass - a glass used to hold cocktails
  • muddle stick -  used to squeeze out juices 

    Combine ingredients and add some jalapeño to give it an extra kick. Cheers! 

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