Irish Lady Drink

Aside from Whiskey, there are lots of versatile or flexible alcoholic beverages. Just like this Champagne, combined with the sweetness of orange juice and the strong flavors of Tequila, you'll surely get a drink worth celebrating!

Irish Lady Drink Ingredients:

Irish Lady Drink Preparations:

  1. Using a Champagne Flute glass, pour tequila and orange juice. 
  2. Top it off with champagne. 
  3. Enjoy! 

Did you know? 

St. Patrick's real name is Maewyn Succat

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Know Your Ingredients 

  • Champagne - it is a French sparkling wine
  • Tequila - distilled alcoholic beverage made from blue agave

Bar Accessories 

  • Champagne Flute - a glass usually used for champagne 
  • Shaker - used to mix ingredients properly 

Celebrate every occasion with champagne and mix with other flavors to make the moment more exciting. 


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