How to Make a Pineapple Cocktail Glass at Home

Whipping up a tasty fruity cocktail is more exciting when you have a matching vessel to put it in. Take for instance this pineapple cup.

Not only it adds a creative and beautiful touch to your drink, it can also enhance the flavor, especially when the cocktail mixes with pineapple's sweet and tasty interior walls.

Here's how you can make a pineapple cup at home.

1. Cut pineapple in half 

2. Cut circle 1/2" from skin. Then, cut an X through the core

3. Scoop out center

4. Pour your favorite cocktail or you can try our Sail Away recipe

The result: 

...and there you have it, a pineapple cocktail vessel you can make at home. 
Watch the full video here: 

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