Gin Shooter: A Party Essential

Simple and easy but packed with wonderful flavors, gin shooters can be a great addition in every parties. 

The smooth and raw taste of gin mixed with any flavor, whether savory or sweet flavors, it will surely produce an adventurous drink. 

Make these recipes and enjoy your simple gin shooters! 

Did you know? 
The World's Largest Gin Market is the Philippines!
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Gin & Tonic Oysters Shooter

Gin and oysters are as good as the ocean breeze! 

Ingredients :

Preparation :

  1. Make sure you have fresh oysters. 
  2. Put one oyster in a shot glass. 
  3. Add salt, gin, tonic water and top with parsley and thin slices of lemon. 
  4. Enjoy! 

Did you know? 
Gin's nickname is "Mother's ruin".
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Gin & Tonic Jelly Shots 

Soft and smooth, Gelatin mixed with gin is a winner combo! 

Ingredients :

Preparation :

  1. Using a knife, cut the citrus fruits in half and remove the middle part. Set them aside. 
  2. Put the gelatin in tap water for 5-10 mind and squeeze the excess water. 
  3. Using a saucepan, simmer the tonic water, gelatin and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Let it cool. 
  4. Add the remaining tonic water and gin. 
  5. Use a grater, get the zest of limes and lemons and stir properly. 
  6. Transfer the mixture in the scooped lemons and limes and let it settle for 3-4 hours. You can put it in the refrigerator. 
  7. Cut in halves and enjoy! 

Know Your Ingredients

  • Gin - distilled alcoholic drink from juniper berries
  • Gelatin - made from collagen taken from animal body parts
  • Lemon - citrus yellow fruit 
  • Tonic water - carbonated water where quinine is dissolved

Bar Accessories

  •  shaker - a plastic or metal container used to mix ingredients properly 
  • Saucepan - used for cooking
  •  shaker- steel or plastic used to strain liquid
  • knife - a sharp item used to cut ingredients 

Simple yet exciting flavors, gin can be part of every occasion. Try to mix ingredients and choose your favorite gin shooters. Cheers! 


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