Don't Worry, Moscow Mule Mugs Won't Poison You

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Moscow Mule

Recently there has been a rumor circulating regarding the much-loved Moscow Mule and its iconic copper mug. A report issued by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division that raised concerns regarding the toxicity of copper mugs led some to believe that Moscow mule mugs could be hazardous. But don’t abandon a fantastically delicious drink and its iconic copper mugs just yet, because there’s nothing to worry about.

Sure, people who are exposed to excessive amounts of copper can get sick, but you’re far more likely to feel sick from the excessive consumption of vodka in too many Moscow mules than from the copper in the mug. Copper is important to healthy functioning of our bodies. The mineral helps our cells metabolize iron, manufacture vital compounds, and produce energy. The FDA recommends a daily intake of 900 micrograms of copper and it’s probable that many don’t get enough (but that’s no excuse to go chewing on pennies).

Moscow Mule Mugs

An icy cold Moscow Mule is not acidic enough to break down the copper in a mug in high enough concentrations to make it poisonous. In an interview with Business Insider, food poisoning attorney Bill Marler said, “You'd have to drink from a copper cup every meal of every day for 25 years," to be affected.

Simply put, there is no need to worry about getting some vodka, a bottle of True Roots ginger beer, and a big, frosty copper mug and enjoying a Moscow Mule today. Try the recipe below to celebrate!


The Modern Mule

1.5 oz Tito’s handmade vodka

Juice of half a lime


Fever Tree ginger beer


Squeeze lime into 100% copper mug

Add Tito's handmade vodka

Add ice

Top with Fever Tree ginger beer

Garnish with a lime wheel

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  • Susan Clearman on

    I would love to try one of your mugs. Moscow Mule drinks are my favorite. What is the best ginger beer to use?

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