Create the Perfect Home Bar with these 5 Essential Tools

Whether you are looking to entertain a few friends on a weekend night or having someone special come over for a romantic dinner for two, you will never go wrong with these five must-haves for your home bar.


A true cocktail lover knows that finding the right glass for your drinks is part of what makes drinking a truly enjoyable experience. If not properly served in their appropriate glasses, cocktail drinks would not only lose its appeal, its taste and temperature would be badly affected as well. To know more about cocktails and their specific glasses, you can read our previous blog post here.

Bartending Kit

A fully functioning home bar wouldn’t be complete without a bartending kit.  A basic kit contains a shaker set, muddler, mixing spoon, and a set of jiggers. With our Elite Bartender Kit, you’ll get a stainless-steel martini mixer, muddler, mixing spoon, jigger, 2 pourers, velvet bag for storage, and even a recipe booklet. The best part the tools included in our kit is rust-proof and dishwasher safe.

Mix and Muddle

Whether you’re mixing Margaritas or milkshakes, a long and slender cocktail spoon is perfect for reaching into the bottom of tall cocktail glasses and pitchers.

Another great tool to have at home is a copper-plated muddler, especially when you can’t get enough of fruity cocktail recipes. because it can make the most ordinary cocktails ooze with fruity flavors for the ultimate drinking experience.

Lemon Squeezer

Citrus fruits such as lemon or lime make for a zesty and refreshing cocktail ingredient. And the best way to squeeze the invigorating flavours out is by investing in a high quality citrus squeezer like Advanced Mixology’s manual citrus press juicer.

Our squeezer is ergonomically engineered for easy grip and use. It also comes with a 2-in-1 sturdy metal bowl so you can effortlessly press and juice small limes and oranges to large lemons. This squeezer is made from aluminium with lead-free coating, making it durable and dishwasher-safe


Put an interesting twist to your favorite “on the rocks” cocktail drinks by giving them an upgrade. How? Swap the usual square type ice mold with this silicone ice-ball mold.

Our BPA-free and flexible ice mold can make four large ice balls. Its premium silicone material allows easy use and cleaning. Hate diluted cocktails? Large ice balls melt slower than small ice cubes.

Final Thoughts

A well-stocked home bar is your key to hosting the perfect parties.  Make sure to choose only the best and most durable cocktail making tools that will impress your visitors and make them want for more. You can also impress them with our copper mugs

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