Cool Off This Summer with A Beer-Wine Hybrid

Picture this: clear skies, warm weather, the sun beating down your back.

It can only mean one thing: springtime is almost over and summer is just around the corner. And what better way to cool off during the scorching summer months than an ice-cold Moscow mule or fruity and minty like our Sail-Away cocktail recipe

What if you are feeling adventurous? Summertime is always the the perfect season to try new drinks like a beer-wine hybrid.

What is a beer-wine hybrid?

First off, a beer-wine hybrid is,as you might have already guessed, a blend of beer and wine in a single bottle. It is made of fermented raw grain and wine grapes. Its strong flavor comes from the leaves or stems of the grapes called the “must”. The end result is that the mix has the flavor and aroma of wine but the texture and feel of beer.   

Sounds utterly delightful, right? Here are just some of the beer-wine hybrids that are available in the market.

Riesling People from Danish brewer Mikkeller is a fine example of beer-wine hybrid with its mix of tropical fruits and the goodness of grapes.

Another great-tasting beer-wine product is the Oude Bae from manufacturer Stillwater Artisanal Ales. A perfect combination of the tartness of beer and the bittersweet after taste of wine in a bottle but now also come in cans.  

Two Roads

Beer-wine hybrids may be just starting to emerge in the liquor industry and already there is a new contender in the market.

The limited-edition beer and wine pairing is made by Two Roads. Two Roads is a Connecticut-based craft brewery that has won numerous brewery awards since it first opened in 2012 and famous for their line of Tanker Truck Sours.

A combination of Sauvignon Blanc wine and German beer Gose, this drink has been described as a blend of tropical fruit with hints of gooseberry which are typical of Sauvignon Blanc wine. These fruity flavors are combined with the tart and refreshing taste of a gose beer. The Sauvignon Blanc Gose hybrid will be available in 16oz 4-pack cans as well as on tap.

Beer, Wine, and Cheese

A beer and wine combination such as the Sauvignon Blanc-Gose hybrid is best paired with goat cheese for the ultimate treat. The intensity of cream cheese varieties such as Livarot, Taleggio, or Rebblochon goes well with the acidity of the beer. So why not try this perfect combination yourself if you’re thinking of throwing a rockin’ cocktail party for your friends this coming summer?

The sun, the beach, there’s plenty to love about summer—cap it off with refreshing cocktails and you’ll be all set to have the best time ever. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, then go grab yourself a couple of beer-wine hybrids for a most unique and refreshing summer you won’t soon forget.

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