Coca-Cola Releases First Ever Alcoholic Drink

Carbonated drinks, with its sweet flavor and satisfying fizz, have always been a popular thirst quencher. It’s been called a variety of terms such as soda, soft drinks, among others. But out of the hundreds of soda brands available in the global market today, Coca-Cola or Coke, as it is more popularly known, is the biggest and most famous.

Originally intended as a substitute medicine for morphine, Coca-Cola was invented by an American confederate soldier named John Pemberton in the late 19th century. The drink was named after two of its original ingredients, coca leaves and the caffeine flavored-kola nuts. The drink was later bought by businessman Asa Griggs Candler, who was responsible for making Coke a household name in the US and the world throughout the 20th century.  

At present, Coke products are being sold in more than 200 countries worldwide, with nearly 2 billion beverages being sold each day. Recently, Coca-Cola introduced its first ever alcoholic drink, the Lemon-Do, in Japan.


Lemon-Do is a lemon-flavored alcohol soda which was launched by Coca-Cola in Japan. It is the first alcoholic drink the beverage giant has produced since its creation in 1886. The beverage comes in two flavors, Salty Lemon and Honey and Lemon. They come in three alcohol content varieties, 3-percent, 5-percent, and 7-percent.

Lemon-Do is Coca-Cola’s version of the Japanese “Chu-Hi”, a popular range of canned sparkling flavoured-drinks made up of “shochu”, a local-grain based spirit.

Is it Available in the US?

Unfortunately, Lemon-Do is currently only available in Japan and will likely to remain there for now. According to an article in The Sun in UK, the idea of marketing alcoholic Coca Cola drinks outside of Japan is unlikely because of the “unique and special” potential of the Japanese market.

Other Coca-Cola Products Released in Japan

Curious to know more about unique Coca-Cola flavors that are exclusively sold in Japan? Some of these are available only during specific seasons but you’ll be surprised at the array of unique and exciting Coca-Cola flavors you can find there.

If you think the Lemon-Do is already ground-breaking, why not a slushie in a pouch? In Japan, anything is possible. Coca-Cola also recently launched its Frozen Lemon and Fanta Frozen varieties. They are packed in convenient resealable pouch packaging and come in a cold, Slurpee-like consistency. No wonder these products became an internet sensation as soon as they were introduced in the Japanese market early this year.

Other cool Coca-Cola products that were introduced in Japan in recent months include tropical fruit flavors such as the Coca-Cola Peach, Coca-Cola Lime, and Coca-Cola Orange.

While the Lemon-Do and these other delightful Coca-Cola products are not likely to be sold in the US soon, there is no reason why you shouldn’t grab a can or a bottle of this iconic beverage this summer. So why not head to the nearest beach now with an ice-cold glass of Coke and feel instantly and deliciously refreshed.




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