5 Christmas Drinks for You this Season

Christmas, the time of the year when friends and family come together. A joyous union of loved ones to spread love. Many things make this festival perfect. The lights, decorations, clothes, food, and essential drinks. While all the other elements make Christmas more appealing and showier, drinks are what adds to the charm. 

You might forget other things about someplace if you visit it once, but drinks are something that is bound to make a lasting impression. The impression can be either positive or negative. Well, on the merry occasion of Christmas, you certainly would not want to create a wrong impression in your closed ones’ eyes. 

There are ample varieties of cocktails that you can make and uplift the spirits of your guests. While there are classic ones that are smooth and most prefer them, there are not many rules when it comes to cocktails. Well, they were in the first place invented either accidentally or by experimenting. You can be edgy and try new combinations to make the best drink ever, or if you can play it safe. Here we have five Christmas drinks with different bases for you this season that will mesmerise your friends and family. 

Vigorous Vodka

Vodka is the drink of artists and making any cocktail out of it is no less than any form of art. The drink is a favoured one for parties and celebrations alike. Many people say that vodka should not be mixed with anything else to preserve the essence. Well, the flavourful cocktails though, have a different tale to tell. While a cocktail is just a mixture of spirits, there are tons of cocktails with vodka as the base. 

Our choice amongst them is the ‘The Belvedere Spice.’ As the name suggests, this cocktail is a perfect mixture of sugar and spice, with loads of spice. The main elements are carrot leaves, dashi powder, honey, chilli flakes, ginger, and rum. Start by mixing lemon juice, dashi powder, honey, ginger, and chilli flakes in a shaker. After this, add carrot leaves, ice cubes, and your favourite Smirnoff ice. The ideal fire and ice combo, it is a new-age combination of the age-old ingredients. 

Terrific Tequila

Tequila is the ideal party drink and can serve to be the perfect party drink at your Christmas party. It is also the most preferred base for making cocktails. The taste of most tequilas adds to the cocktails and the not the other way around. Plus, you can play around with the other ingredients as well. Now, the most commonly known tequila mocktail is the Margarita; as high as the drink is, sadly, it is not our choice. 

Much like the song, our choice the ‘Tequila Sunrise’ (Click here for 19 amazing Tequila Sunrise recipes you can try). A sweet and sour drink that you can enjoy anywhere and at any time. It is a mild drink that rejuvenates your mind and body. The base ingredients shall be lime, grapefruit juice, agave nectar, cherries, and tequila: mix ice, grapefruit juice, and lemon juice in a glass. Then add tequila, ice, and agave nectar and give it a sweet shake. Then all you have to do is serve it alongside some res cherries and lime slices. 

Groovy Gin

Gin is the drink that gets you tipsy and happy without you even noticing. It is the drink that you prefer when you want to let go of stress. Christmas can be the perfect time to share a Gin cocktail with your near and dear ones. With this cocktail as your companion, you can let go of all your stress and start a new chapter. 

The ‘Gin Ombre’ cocktail is easy to make and is tastier than most other cocktails. The base ingredients are blueberries, lime, pomegranate, and gin. To begin with, mix gin, grenadine, ice, and lime in a glass, then add mint leaves to the mixture. To top it all up, add lime slices, blueberries, and tonic. The aroma of the cocktail alone is enough to uplift the spirits. 

Raging Rum

Rum is always a soothing drink to cherish, be it in winter or summer; it always amuses the drinker. The cocktails made with rum as their base are no different either. 

The rum-based cocktail that we recommend is the ‘Rum Butter Punch’. A soothing drink again is full of spice and flavor. It is a blend of most basic kitchen ingredients, amongst others. The main parts are Pineapple juice, butter, cinnamon, and of course, your favourite dark rum. First mix pineapple juice with cranberry sauce, dark rum, salt, cloves, cranberry sauce, brown sugar, and nutmeg. Place the mixture on the stove and cook on a low flame for about four minutes. After which cool down the beverage and add half-a-spoon butter and cinnamon stick to serve. This drink is most suitable for a chilly Christmas eve. 

Wacky Wine

Wine is for the classy ones. Not many other drinks can meet with the class of this drink. The drink itself and even the byproducts, both classified as classics. 

The most common thing that pops up in the head after reading hearing wine and cocktail is Sangria. Well, it also has a hint of brandy that adds to the taste. The base ingredients for this one are orange juice, soda, cherries, and red wine. Start by mixing lemonade, lemon juice, red wine, sugar, triple sec, brandy, and orange juice. Then add slices of lemon, orange, and cherries and keep it in the refrigerator for six hours for the best flavour.

These were our top picks for the best five Christmas drinks that you should try making. These drinks will surely appeal to your guests and will be the cherry on top of the cake to your perfect party. Wrapping it all up, the one rule with cocktails is that the presentation plays a vital role. Be It presenting the cocktails in the fancy glasses, the texture of the drink, or the garnishing element, it all adds up to a perfect cocktail. 

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