Delightful Cherry Sour Drink

A small red round fruit that we all love to put on top of our ice cream, cakes and beverages-CHERRY! It is famous for its versatility as an ornament, ingredient and even as a flavor enhancer for alcoholic drinks. 

Multiple cocktails and mocktails use cherry as base or added flavor that enhance every drink. Its sweet and sour taste compliments a wide variety of components that create exciting dishes and drinks.

A variation of the famous Whiskey sour, here's one cherry drink recipe that you can cook up and enjoy. 

Cherry Sour Ingredients:

Cherry Sour Preparation:

  1. Add all the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice then shake properly. Strain. 
  2. Pour into the cocktail glass and garnish with cherry. 

Did you know? 
You can harvest a cherry tree in just 7 seconds!
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Know the Ingredients

  • Cherry - round in shape and red in color, the fruit that goes on top, cherry! 
  • Almond syrup - mixture of sugar and almond essence or flavored liquid, has a sweet and nutty taste that enhance dishes and drinks
  • Lime - from citrus family, this green colored sour fruit gives extra kick to any drink
  • Cherry vodka - the well-loved spirit packed with cherry flavor

Bar Accessories

  • shaker - used to mix ingredients properly
  • strainer - used to separate the pulp or other residue from the mixture to create a smooth and clear drink
  • Rocks glass - a short glass used for drinks like sour or neat spirits; also known as an old fashioned glass

Combining its sweet taste with a little sour flavor from a citrus fruit and topping it off with a splash of perfectly aged spirit is like creating magic!  So whip up some of your variations and tell us about it! Cheers! 

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