Celebrate 4th of July With These Drinks

Celebrating July 4th isn’t the same without booze, and if you are tired of serving the same drinks over and over again, we’ve come up with 6 American-themed cocktail drinks for you to re-create and try this year.

Boozy Snow Cones

What’s fun, fabulous, and fancy? This Boozy Snow Cones recipe from Emmy Award-winning TV host Clinton Kelly that’s what. This sweet party dessert with an adult twist is all of your childhood dreams come true. Experience ultimate happiness and bring in the fireworks with a combination of strawberries, white rum, lime juice, and blue curacao and of course, shaved ice.

Suddenly Summer

Who knew being patriotic can make you create something this delicious? With this striking cocktail drink, you can make every day 4th of July. Fruity, with just the right amount of fizz from soda and the smoothness of vodka, this red, blue, and white concoction is a real head-turner on your 4th of July celebrations. Try making one watermelon schnapps, cranberry juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, blue curacao, vodka, and club soda, here’s how.

Paleo Red, White, and Blue Cocktails

This awesome layer of red, white, and blue concoction from 40 Aprons is your ultimate Memorial Day rum cocktail. Not only is it eye-catchingly gorgeous, it is just as delicious as it looks––even without the alcohol. If you’re into tropical flavors with a hint of rum, this recipe has your favorite fruits covered: strawberries, coconut, banana, pineapple, and blueberries. Read here to find out how you can recreate this recipe.

White Wine Sangria

If you want something luscious and sophisticated to serve your guests this 4th of July, then try this unique twist to your ordinary sangria. Made with white wine instead of red, this drink has a fuller taste with just a hint of citrus. Try this at home with a bottle of dry white wine, prosecco, vodka, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and lemon juice. Refrigerate then serve.

All-American Daiquiri

Be proud to be American with this delightful daiquiri recipe from Chilled Magazine. Impress your guests with the eclectic mix of mescal, coconut rum, triple sec, pineapple juice, and piña colada and strawberry daiquiri mixes. Pump up your 4th of July party with this icy-cold treat in a mason jar. Check out the recipe, here.

Red, White, and Blue Piña Colada

Say Ooh la la when you taste this all-American piña colada from Home Sweet Jones. If you want your Memorial Day celebration to be a big hit, then this one’s for you. The combined flavors of strawberries, white rum, coconut cream, blue curacao, and crushed pineapple will be just as explosive as the fireworks being set off in the distance.

So, get your guest list ready and invite your family and friends over for a day of unlimited red, white, and blue cocktail drinking party this coming July 4.

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