Brown Sugar Bourbon (BSB) Cocktail Recipes

A Whiskey with a touch of cinnamon and brown sugar, this Brown Sugar Bourbon or BSB is famous for its flavor. 

The distinct taste it acquires helps its name to be known in the liquor world. 

It is perfect to be paired with fruits and other sweet tangy flavors. 

Here are three recipes you can try BSB, with coffee, cream or Almond tasting liqueur. 

1. Brown Sugar Bourbon Amaretto 



  1. Using a shaker, mix all the ingredients properly. 
  2. Pour into a glass using a Strainer. 
  3. Add bitters on top. 
  4. Enjoy! 

2. Brown Sugar Bourbon Horchata



  1. In a shaker, put all the ingredients in. 
  2. Shake properly. 
  3. Transfer into a glass. 
  4. Garnish with dried orange wheel and grate cinnamon or use powdered cinnamon. 
  5. Enjoy! 

3. Brown Sugar Bourbon Irish Cream



  1. Put the hot brewed coffee in a cup. 
  2. Add bourbon and Irish cream. 
  3. Stir properly. 
  4. Enjoy! 

Know Your Ingredients 

  • Horchata - this what you call any plant milk beverages 
  • Irish Cream - a cream liqueur with a flavor of whiskey 
  • Bourbon - distilled alcoholic beverage made from corn

Bar Accessories 

  • Shaker - a container used for mixing cocktails 
  • Stirrer - also known as bar spoon, used to stir beverages
  • Strainer - used to strain cocktails 


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