Amaretto in Four Mixes


A scrumptious almond tasting Whiskey cocktail can be a star in any occasion. With its delicate flavors and richness in every sip, there can be a lot of moments to share with this delightful drink. 

Listed below are four simple ways that can be made easily. 

1. Apple Amaretto Sour 



  1. In a glass with ice, put all the ingredients in. 
  2. Mix with a bar spoon. 
  3. Transfer to a desired glass. 
  4. Garnish with cinnamon stick. 

2. Café Amaretto 



  1. In a glass, pour amaretto, brandy and coffee. 
  2. Mix them and add Whipped cream on top. 
  3. Dust some chocolate or cinnamon powder. 
  4. Enjoy! 

3. Apple, Peach & Lychee Amaretto



  1. In a rocks glass, put all the ingredients in and stir. 
  2. Add a slice of Grapefruit and a cherry as garnish. 
  3. Serve and enjoy! 

4. Godfather



  1. In a shaker, put amaretto and whiskey with ice. 
  2. Stir and strain to a rocks glass with ice. 
  3. Serve and enjoy! 

Know Your Ingredients 

  • Amaretto -  Almond flavored bourbon
  • Whiskey - distilled alcoholic beverage made from grain mash 
  • Brandy - distilled wine
  • Lemon - yellow citrus fruit used in cooking and making cocktails 

Bar Accessories 

  • Stirrer - also called a bar spoon
  • Shaker - a container used to mix ingredients properly 
  • Strainer - used to strain cocktails 
  • Rocks glass - also known as an old fashioned glass 

Enjoy every moment with these lovely drinks! 

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