16 Best Wine Decanters for the Best Wine-Drinking Experience

Wine enthusiast are very familiar with the tannins and strong alcohol that tends to overpower the wine's aroma and flavor. To enjoy your wine, they are transferred into another container called a wine decanter to aerate it and soften the tannins. 
In this article we have reviewed 16 best wine decanters. To help you choose the right one for your needs.

Our Pick

1. Most Elegant

Nothing on this list can beat the elegance of the Godinger Pave Decanter, simple body yet classy stopper. The crystal beads and gold trimming on the rim are well-thought of. It can please the most exacting wine connoisseurs who are not only demanding on their wines but on their wine ware too, specially the ones who like crystal decanter.

2. Most Functional

Functionality comes with lots of freebies. Just kidding. The BTäT Decanter with Free Accessories is a perfectly efficient decanter that comes with accessories that makes maintenance easier. With the drying rack, stainless steel beads, and flexible brush, no reason that your decanter will lose its luster and beauty.

3. Most Efficient Decanter-Aerator

The YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter Set is among the best 4 decanters in this list but we love the waterfall effect of the aeration, superfine filter, and airtight lid all working together for a well-aerated wine. It also comes with a drying rack and stainless steel beads for better cleaning.

16 Best Wine Decanters

1. Dragonn Luxury Wine Decanter

Enhance the aroma and flavor of your wine with a graceful decanter beautiful enough to mesmerize any wine lover. The long slender neck and the wide lower body make the aeration of the wine possible. This is the main function of the wine decanter, to aerate the wine. 

This 100% lead-free, handblown decanter adds elegance and sophistication to your bar. It is large enough to hold a standard bottle of wine.

The snout is slanted for easy and no-messy pouring. To stop the aerating process that might do more wrong than good for your wine, it comes with a round cork stopper.

Cleaning is no worry with the stainless steel beads that come with this item for removing the stains left by the red wine. 

2. Lenox Crystal Decanter With Lid

This large decanter handcrafted in Europe from lead-free crystal can contain almost 2 standard bottles of wine. The dome at the center of the bottom of the decanter interrupts the pouring of the wine, causing it to be aerated. Hold it by the neck as to give it a little swirl for more aeration action. 

This is one tough crystal decanter that is break-resistant and tough enough for the dishwasher, it is also topped with a round glass stopper for a beautiful finish.

3. Amlong Crystal Glass Decanter with Stopper

Topped with a lead-free round crystal stopper fashioned into a globe, this adds allure to the otherwise simple decanter. Imagine a wine stopper so beautiful like this etched globe stopper that will take you to places you have and haven't been to as you enjoy a glass of lovely wine? Don't be too surprised if you have planned a whole destination vacation by the end of the evening, all thanks to the inspiration of this stopper. 

This diminutive glass decanter standing at 10.5" and diameter of 7.5" does pack a lot of wine at 58oz. With a slender neck and wide lower bottom, it is elegant but practical. It is also well-packed in the brand's crystal foam box.

4. BTäT Wine Decanter with Free Accessories

Classy yet practical - these are the very words that can be used to describe this overly large decanter with a capacity to hold 2 standard bottles of wine plus more. At 1.8L, this is one of the largest decanters on this list.

However, do not be tempted to fill it with more than 1 bottle of wine since it will defeat the purpose of aerating. The wine bottom was designed to hold 1 bottle to maximize the aeration process as the wine passes from the slender neck to the wine bowl of the decanter. 

This glass decanter comes with very important tools to keep it in good condition - a cork stopper, stainless steel beads, and drying rack.

The cork is round so you don't have to worry about how to fit it. Unlike glass stoppers, work stoppers can fit into the spout for an airtight seal. This will ensure that the wine doesn't get too aerated. 

Cleaning might be a hassle but not with the stainless steel beads and flexible cleaning tool to ensure that every cranny hasn't been neglected. Wine stains can be gross if left altogether.

Say no more to water drips when drying your glassware. The decanter also comes with a stainless steel finished drying rack with a clear rubber ring to prevent scratches on the item. Not rust-proof, keep the drying rack dry when not in use is what makes this one of the best wine decanters.

5. YouYah Decanter Set with Aerator Lid

While decanting can take hours before being effective on the tannins, this decanter serves as an aerator also. You need just three easy steps to decant and aerate your wine in surprisingly less time to do it. 

First, tip the decanter and fit it into the wine bottle spout. Next, tip the wine bottle so the decanter sets on the table while the wine bottle stays on, upside down. When all the wine was transferred into the decanter, the decanting process is over. Remove the empty bottle of wine. 

You can serve the wine directly from the decanter or put it back into the wine bottle. Just reverse the earlier step with the bottle on the table and the decanter upside down on it. However, it is best to return it to the bottle after getting your fill and make use of the decanter.

It also comes with accessories to help maintain its quality. A stainless steel drying rack will help keep your decanter. It is designed so it can be used with most wide bottom decanters. It also comes with a pack of stainless steel beads to help clean the decanter effectively.

The lid is made from FDA-approved materials so you can use your decanter without worries. The decanter can contain 1.3L of wine and is made with 100% lead-free crystal.

6. Sagaform Carafe with Oak Stopper

Great artistry and craftsmanship are showcased in this mouth-blown wine decanter. It comes with an oak stopper to ensure that your decanted wine stays fresh. 

The wide bowl makes sure that the wine is well aerated. Just fill half of the bowl for better decanting. 

Made with 100% lead-free crystal that is sturdy enough to withstand the dishwasher. It can hold up to 67oz of wine. It can also be used in the fridge. 

7. Mulstone Apericana Red Wine Decanter Set 

Designed to serve the most exacting taste of wine lovers, the Mulstone Apericana Decanter is made with 100% lead-free crystal that will not cloud with time. It has angles to increase the decantion process that is not achieved in circular decanters. This way, more aroma, and flavor is released for a more intense experience.

The wide base also helps in the aeration process as it provides more surface area, not to mention that it offers a more stable decanter. The neck is just the right size for holding and pouring. The textured exterior also helps stabilize the grip even if the bowl is full.

The company is secure in their product that they are offering a very responsive customer service to look after whatever complaints you may have.

8. YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter Set

The decanting lid gives is a graceful decanter designed to interrupt the flow of the wine poured into it. It is fitted with a filter devised to spread the flow of the wine around the decanter for more efficient decanting. It does not only aerate, but it also filters out sediments for a better drinking experience. Traditional decanting takes at least 1 hour but with the Iceberg wine Decanter, it is cut short to 3-5 minutes.

This decanter is made with 100% high-quality lead-free crystal. The stopper is made of food-grade stainless steel and silicone gel. It is not only functional, but it is also made artfully. At the bottom of the bowl, an artful mound increases the contact of the wine with the air inside for more breathing. 

It also comes with a drying rack and stainless steel beads for efficient cleaning and drying so there are no watermarks on your decanter.

9. Allarue Wine Decanter

This beautiful wine decanter was made in Portugal following EU standards, ensuring a compliant product. High quality 100% lead-free crystal paired with an oak corkball and made fancier with a silken serviette. 

The slender neck of the decanter ends with the overly wide bowl for a larger surface area for better decantion. It can contain the contents of a 750ml bottle. If decanting a white wine that does not need aeration, just put in the corkball. 

The company believes in the quality of their products that they are giving a lifetime warranty for every purchase of this wine decanter. 

10. Hand Blown Glass Decanter by Culinex

The odd shape of this decanter not only ensures the proper aeration of your red wines, but it also makes it more delectable. Made with 100% high-quality lead-free crystal, the spout is angled for less messy pouring. No more dark tablecloths even if you want to use the light-colored ones.

This hand-blown decanter can hold 1.2L of your favorite wine. It is a perfect and functional accessory that you'll want to add to your home bar. 

11. BTäT- Wine Decanter with Stopper

This decanter is made with 100% lead-free borosilicate glass and can hold 1.8L of wine. The elegant design of this classic decanted makes it a great addition to your home and office bar.

The tall, slender neck assures a well-aerated entry of the wine as it is poured into the decanter. This ensures that the wine releases its aroma and flavors for a sensory experience you don't want to miss. 

The decanted comes with a glass stopper that effectively stops air contact with the wine. Fill just up to the bowl to optimize decantion. 

The rolled spout makes it easy to pour wine to minimize spilling.

12. Godinger Pave Decanter

The stopper decorated with cut crystals is one of the best selling points of this decanter. The gold trim on the stopper adds class and opulence that you deserve. It can contain 68 ounces of wine.

It is made of 100% lead-free clear crystal that will not cloud. This decanter set has also matching bottles sold separately. It comes with a lovely giftable box for stylish gift-giving. 

This decanter is quite delicate so it should be hand-washed only. 

13. Rabbit Super-Aerating wine Decanter System

Here's another decanter that marries elegance and beauty with functionality and sensibility. It also doubles as an aerator. It comes with a wine spray funnel so the wine is evenly distributed around the bottle for an even better decanting experience. The funnel is equipped with a fine sediment filter for a sediment-free wine. 

Made with hand-blown lead-free and clear crystal, it elevates the wine-drinking experience that ruins you for wine that has not been aerated. 

The bottle is hand-washed only while the other parts of the set can be put into the dishwasher. 

14. Personalized Decanter with Stopper

This beautiful decanter is made from lead-free borosilicate crystal can be personalized for a more touching all-occasion gift. It can contain 33 ounces of your favorite wine.

The laser engraving of this wine decanter is free. Customize it before completing the purchase. 

15. Amlong Crystal Decanter with Stopper

The intricate design of this decanter coupled with the equally beautiful stopper is a statement piece you wouldn't want to miss in your own home or office bar. It can contain 28 ounces of wine and stands at 8". 

To preserve its beauty, this decanted should only be hand-washed. Be sure to check for authentic Amlong Crystal Decanters by peeling back its easy-peel label.

16. Savino Wine Preserver

Unconsumed wine can be returned to its original bottle but why do that when you have this beautiful Savino preserver. This carafe also serves the purpose of the decanter; no need to transfer your leftover wines to other containers before putting it into the fridge. 

This is one of the best decanters for non-sparkling wines made of lead-free crystal for the body and BPA-free plastic for the filter and stopper. Its slim design can fit perfectly into the refrigerator or the cooler to bring with you for a picnic. 

Fill this with up to 750ml of wine, replace the air stopper and the lid for a fresh wine (up to 1 week) in the fridge. 

This is a great gift idea for wine lovers and convenient enough to maintain as it can be used in the dishwasher. The only downside is that the wine stains around the lid and may take some time to clean. 


These were our choices for the best wine decanters that you can buy right now for your home or office bar.

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