10 Best Wine Aerators In 2021: Reviews, Buying Guide & Aerating Tips

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You probably had been captivated by the graceful movement of a wine glass with the wine swirling in it. While it's mesmerizing to look at the perfect swirling wine, it is not done as a trick to make someone look like a certified wine aficionado. One does not swirl white wine either because white wine does not have the residues that red wine has.

Swirling the wine is a regular yet feeble attempt at aerating the wine among wine drinkers. Decanting is an effective way of letting your wine "breathe" but you have to give it time to get the best taste out of it. However, to improve on that, a piece of fairly new bar equipment called a wine aerator has been introduced. Choosing the best wine aerators can make a huge difference to your bar accessories. 

Our Pick

If you are ready to pick but have little to check out everything, here's our pick of the best wine aerators to help you choose.

1. Most budget-friendly

This is the easiest pick for the most budget-friendly wine aerators and we’re not talking of just the upfront cost. With no maintenance cost such as batteries or damaged chargers, the Wine Aerator Pourer is really easy on the budget. 

2. Most Trendy

For the most trendy, our pick is the Secura Deluxe Wine Aerator because it can be operated both hand-held or mounted on its holder/non-drip base. 

3. Easiest to use

Although it is hand-held, we still vote for the Zazzol Wine Aerator since it eliminates problems like leaks, spilling, and fitting. The only downside is you pay more for it but the quality of the product, as well as after-sales customer service, makes up for it.

4. Best Overall

We choose the Menu Winebreather Carafe as the best overall aerator because of its smart feature that's easy to use but produces amazing results. 

Understanding Basic Terms in Describing Wines

Here are some terms you might want to get familiar with to understand the ways of the wine, especially if you are a recruit to drinking wine. This doesn't essentially make you a sommelier but at least you'll understand what you are reading.

  • Nose - This term describes the complex aroma of a wine perceived by the nose
  • Aroma - the odor of a wine imparted by the grapes from which it is made
  • Bouquet - Complex aromas that are perceived in the wine after it has been bottled and aged
  • Flavor - The blend of taste and smell sensation evoked by the substance in the mouth
  • Palate - The sense of taste developed over time that makes one detect subtle tastes in wine
  • Finish - The aftertaste of the wine that lingers on your tongue after drinking wine. You don’t want a sulfury or bitter aftertaste on your mouth.

Purpose Of Wine Aerators

Other liquors lose their integrity when exposed to the air but not red wines. It needs to “breathe” to refresh and perk it up but most importantly, to soften the tannins from the grapes and develop more flavor and aroma. While decanting can achieve this in at least an hour or more, wine aerators can do this in seconds. You do not have the convenience of waiting for an hour, especially if friends come over unannounced and you want to serve them your best wine then you are going to find your wine aerators very helpful

However, shortcuts are not fool-proof. According to renowned sommeliers, decanting still gives better results if you have time to let it "breathe" naturally. After all, the wine aerator seems to force "breathing" and the wine tells us that nothing is better than waiting. That is if you have that window of time to decant.

Aeration also reduces compounds like sulfites that are necessary for wine-making while tempering the ethanol so it does not interfere with your senses and affect the taste and aroma of the wine.

That said, it is also worthy to note that care must be done in decanting old wines since they have more sediments. Decanting them can affect the overall flavor of the wine. It is best to use the wine aerator.

How To Use Wine Aerators?

Depending on the wine aerator, the instructions to use may vary. For this article, we will discuss the instructions to use the easiest wine aerator.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing Best Wine Aerator

1. Type of Wine Aerator

Wine aerators come in two types: in-the-bottle and hand-held. Depending on the design of the in-the-bottle wine aerator, the hand-held is usually more convenient to use. It is usually smaller, stores easily, and is easier to clean. However, it can be messy since you have to handle both the aerator and the wine bottle at the same time. 

In-the-bottle wine aerators, though, eliminates the potential of messy operation as they can be operated using one hand. Some are even battery-operated so it is more convenient to use. 

2. Durability

You want a wine aerator that can serve for at least two years, especially if you pay more than you wanted. Be sure to clean it well after using it to extend its lifetime.

3. Ease of use and storage

Buying a wine aerator lets you cut on work and time in making your wine taste better so choose one that does just that. It also helps if it comes with a storage bag or box that you can stow into the picnic box if you ever want to go out with the gang. 

4. Safe to use

Check out the materials used in the wine aerator you are considering to purchase. Be sure it has no toxic substances in any of the components that may leach into the wine and eventually, into your body. Alcohol and toxins do not mix well together. Consider also the possibility of accidents so it pays if your aerator is sturdy. It also helps if it is dishwasher-friendly.

5. Design and Functionality

The design does not only mean good looks, but it also means functionality. Though good looks never hurt your bar counter. A good wine aerator was a filtration mechanism that separates the sediments from the wine. Always check the product reviews to get an unbiased opinion of an expert.  Check out those who get paid in making helpful and honest reviews of new products by using it for themselves. Choose one that works best with your current theme and will fit it even if you decide to upgrade your design. Other things to consider are the lifestyle and the convenience to handle. 

6. Air Filtration

Be sure to check product reviews before committing to buy a wine aerator, especially online when you can not have a physical item to try before deciding to buy. The main purpose of the wine aerator is simply to aerate your wine so it must be able to do just that. It should come with an aerating mechanism to do its job. Check also the product description and both the positive and negative comments of customers so you can make an intelligent decision.

7. Budget

How much can you afford to spare on a bar tool, based on the frequency of its use? If you are using it in a home bar and have only a few bucks to spare for it, there is no need to spend so much on something you will occasionally use. Bottom line: consider your need for it.

8. Additional Features

What are the other features that will most likely convince you to buy the particular wine aerator? Some aerators come with a separate item to help provide ease to your work. However, some of them had been included to boost sales but not to do any relevant job. Do not fall for fillers. A good additional feature will be a standard-sized stopper that will fit a wine bottle or a bag that will protect the unit from damage in case you like bringing it outdoors.

9. Product and Consumer Review 

Product reviews introduce you to a set of good products to try that you may not have an idea they exist. A good product review is one that is honest and lists the pros and cons of a product, without the purpose of selling it. Try product reviews that were made by those who actually used the product for testing purposes. These are sometimes sponsored but the reviewers are honest enough to tell you what they experienced firsthand.

Consumer reviews, on the other hand, are also important because they are honest opinions of verified buyers. The consumers do not need to gloss over the flaws of a product and it becomes a reliable source of firsthand information.

10 Best Wine Aerators

1. Menu Winebreather Carafe: Best Wine Aerator in 2020

Elegance and sophistication never get you wrong with this classy carafe/aerator. As simple as 1-2-3, this carafe works well in just three easy steps. 

  1. First, fit the decanter into the wine bottle. 
  2. Next, tip it over so the bottle is on the top and the wine pours into the carafe. Observe the bubbles that form along the junction of the bottle and the carafe. This is where aeration starts and continues as it travels to the lower portion of the carafe. You can detach the bottle and serve directly from the carafe. 
  3. You can also continue to the last step, by tipping over the bottle and carafe so the wine from the carafe returns to the wine bottle.

The downside of this carafe is that you should always work with steady hands and on a perfectly flat surface. Inverting the wine bottle into the carafe and vice versa produces an imbalance, with the heavier ones on top. Try to keep an eye on it while aerating so accidents may be avoided.

Durability is the biggest downside of this wine aerator. Read more for more options.


  • Works great in aerating your wine
  • Looks great
  • Fits well in the fridge if wine is not finished in one setting
  • Not durable
  • Stopper did not fit the carafe

2. Nutrichef Electric Wine Aerator: Best Battery Operated Wine Aerator

If mechanical aeration doesn’t work enough for you, try this battery-operated wine aerator. Powered by 6 AAA batteries, your bottle of wine is aerated with just a push of the button. No need to worry about spilling, falling over, or broken. It sits well on the counter so unless you decide to create a big mess in your home bar, your decanter and wine are perfectly safe. 

It fits perfectly into a standard wine bottle so it keeps it fresh even after opening it for a while. 

Portable and very handy, it comes with a travel bag to avoid scratching the metal finish. Weighing less than a half kilogram and measuring just 6 inches, it is small enough to stow in any picnic basket or traveling bag so you don't have to miss happy hours while on the beach or when traveling. 

Easy to detach and attach, it comes with a single push button that activates the pump motor machine to easily aerate your wine. It even comes with a metal spout for no-mess pouring. The spout is detachable for no-worry traveling while a solid and flexible straw ensures you get the most of your wine, no matter what the shape and size are the containers for it.

Here are a few of the top positive and most critical reviews to help you decide which wine aerator to choose.


  • Easy battery installation
  • Improved wine flavor and quality
  • Good value for money


  • Poor after-sales customer service
  • Flexible straw tends to get stuck to the bottom resulting to slow dispensing

3. Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

Three times better wine aeration due to patented multi-stage design that gives you the optimum wine experience. No-nonsense hand-held wine aerator that has no leaks, fewer spills, no overflowing, and no fitting problems as compared to in-bottle aerator-cum-pourer. Multi-stage aerations help break down tannins for better-tasting wine. 

You get a travel pouch for easy storage and traveling. Also, it promises a good warranty to help you be more at ease with your purchase.


  • Great customer service; damaged product replaced immediately without additional costs
  • Good quality, great price
  • Greatly improved wine quality and flavor
  • Works well


  • More expensive than a similar product

4. Vintorio Aerating Pourer

Forget tablecloth stains when pouring your red wine while using the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer. While its main function is to aerate your wine, it also doubles as a pourer which makes it more cost-efficient. Not to mention that the aerator works well to do its job also. Because of the wider base and slimmer neck, the difference in the pressure in the upper and lower portion of the aerator allows for air to move freely along the upper portion to push the wine faster out of the pourer. This aerates the wine effectively and is called the Bernoulli principle. There's more science in this contraption than just aesthetics.

Made of FDA-approved acrylic fitted with a rubber stopper to fit standard wine bottles, the spout is effectively slanted for easy and no mess pouring. Cleaning is also a breeze, simply disassemble it and run it under the tap. 

No batteries are required so you don’t have to worry for additional expenses that will eventually end up costing you more than you intended.

The money you invest in this - yes, we go as far as calling this an investment, since you can skip buying pricier wines since this wine aerator effectively increases the value of your wine. By softening the tannins and optimally aerating it, the flavors and the aroma are released giving you a most satisfying wine experience. 

It also comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee so you are no worries about your purchase in any case you are not satisfied with its performance.

We want you to make a solid decision when you decide to buy this product so take time to read some of the top positive and most critical reviews. Durability is the biggest issue of this item.


  • Top-rated after-sales customer service
  • Lifetime guarantee works
  • Fast replacement of the damaged item at no additional cost
  • Dramatically improved wine taste


  • Cracked after a few uses
  • Leaking after a few uses

5. Vinluxe Pro Wine Aerator

The sun-shaped contraption inside this aerator ensures that the surface area of this small contraption can aerate the wine in the shortest possible time. Then it goes through the holes in the middle of the aerator and finally, it trickles down the notched center before it pushes its way into the narrow opening at the bottom. This design makes it very effective to aerate the wine.

Highly trusted by the customer with an amazing more than a thousand reviews, this doesn't have issues on the durability, seeing that it is made of FDA-approved high-grade acrylic. It also comes with a travel pouch for easy storage and fuss-free traveling.

Here's the customer review of this product. We had difficulty finding a negative comment so this product might give merit to your money.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Good wine made better
  • Durable


  • Did not improve the quality of the wine

6. Wine Aerator Pourer

The in-bottle wine aerator pourer comes with a silicone cap that fits snugly into the standard wine bottle opening for a leak-free pouring. The aerator is designed so that it has a stainless steel flow plate that allows for the optimal aeration of the wine with the help of the side air-hole. The spout is also designed for a better pouring experience that can be done on one hand. 

Simple design makes it easy to clean - just run it under the tap or remove the silicon cap for a more thorough clean. It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. 


  • Good value for money
  • Noticeably improved wine quality and flavor
  • Satisfied professional wine demonstrator
  • Very practical 


  • The stainless steel plate was detached and cannot be fixed
  • Not suitable for screw-top bottles

7. Soiree In-Bottle Wine Aerator

Nothing beats simplicity when it comes to wine aerators. This in-bottle wine aerator is easy to insert into the wine bottle to be aerated, then tilt the bottle to fill the bubble part of the aerator. The aeration happens in the bubble as the wine swirls into it during the pouring process. 

Hand-blown from borosilicate glass, this lead-free aerator can fit any standard wine bottle without worrying about leaks due to the silicone gasket. It is sturdy enough to withstand the dishwasher and comes with a drying rack so you have no trouble cleaning it.

It effectively aerates the wine that users claim to experience a heightened sensory feast after using the Soiree. It also comes with a full money-back guarantee to there is no worry even if you find it unsatisfactory. 

Because we love to give you an unbiased opinion, here's a brief of the most positive and most critical review of customers. 


  • great customer care, replacement mailed as soon as the complaint was made
  • positively improves the quality of the wine
  • long-term use (10 years)
  • great value for its price


  • breaks easily
  • silicone rings break apart
  • the drying rack is not as sturdy as claimed
  • silicon gasket tends to slip up after a few uses
  • difficult to maneuver the first time

8. Waerator Instant 1-Button Electric Aeration and Decanter

The in-bottle wine aerator comes with an ergonomic push-button design and tight fit to serve as a stopper for your bottle of wine. Curved spout ensures no spills and leakage as compared to in-bottle aerators that need pouring. 

Easy to clean - just immerse the straw in clean water, push the button and it cleans like it aerates the wine. No special instructions needed.

Guaranteed to enhance the quality, flavor, and aroma of your wines. 

It is operated by 4 AAA batteries; easy to assemble and change batteries. It also pairs perfectly with a 750ml bottle. Softened tannins and no sediments ensure a perfect drinking experience fit for your impeccable taste.


  • Worked beautifully each time
  • Beautifully packaged and arrived on time


  • Poor design; easily broke
  • Poor customer service
  • Need to purchase batteries separately

9. Secura Deluxe Wine Aerator

In-hand aerator that comes with a free-standing holder so you can work with it with a single hand. It is made of tough, clear acrylic plastic that is sturdy enough to withstand heavy traffic in the bar. It is also tough enough to withstand the dishwasher.

Mechanically-operated, it comes in 6 speeds to let you control the amount of air you want to infuse into your wine for a truly magical wine experience.

It can be operated either on the holder or held by a hand, depending on your preference. 

It comes with the Secura Lifetime Guarantee so go ahead and change your mind.

Don't let a single negative comment distract you from buying this product. The downside was for the physical appearance and not on the actual performance of the item.


  • Very satisfied clients
  • A necessity for every red wine drinker
  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent value


  • Defective metal plating

10. Bouarts Wine Aerator

Forget disposable batteries, the Bouarts electronic wine aerator is rechargeable. It comes with its charger so no need to remove the batteries to recharge it. Sleek and trendy, this wine aerator fits any standard wine bottle. One-push button makes it easy for operation, it has 6 speeds for just the right aeration you need. 

Silicon stopper makes for a great seal to keep your wines fresh longer. It can also go into the fridge for chilling the wine after aeration - no need to remove the aerator.

Just push the on-off button on the removable spout to assemble and disassemble it for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

  • Great gift for any occasion 
  • Great-looking bar gadget
  • Works very well


  • Poor after-sales customer service
  • No contact information on the packaging

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What wines need aeration?

Wines that have high tannin content and are extra bitter should be aerated. Aeration should soften the tannins, making the aroma and flavor more pronounced. Wines like Sauvignon, Barbera, Bordeaux, and Montepulciano should be aerated. The younger ones, like Nebbiolo, Petite Sirah, Tempranillo, Malbec, and Petit Verdot, and Merlot that has high tannin content and should be aerated also. Older wines need aeration as well. 

Some white wines also need aeration for the same reason the red wines do. This includes the White Bordeaux, White Burgundies, and Alsace Whites.

The best measure if your wine needs aeration is to make a before and after taste test and be the judge of your wines.

2. Which wines do not need aeration?

Light red wines like the Pinot Noir, Burgundy, Beaujolais, and Cotes du Rhone do not need aeration. Again, the best measure if your wine needs aeration is to make a before and after taste test and be the judge of your wines. 

3. At what temperature is it best to aerate the wine?

It is best to aerate the wine at room temperature then chill it later. Aerating chilled wine allows more oxygen than necessary into the wine since oxygen is more soluble in cold temperatures. If you decide to aerate chilled wine, be sure to drink it directly to lessen its exposure to air and staling once the wine loses its coldness. Otherwise, keep it chilled in the fridge to stop further oxidation.

4. How do you minimize air exposure to wine that was already aerated?

Here are a few tips on how to keep your aerated wine in tiptop condition:

Keep the container full. The lesser space is in the container, the less it is possible for air to enter. 

Check for possible leaks. Run the bottle under the tap opened at a trickle so you can see possible air bubbles that indicate leaks. You might want to remove the pump or stopper and replace it with a well-fitted cork, long enough (at least 1.5") to take up the rim of the bottle.

5. Does aeration have negative effects on wines?

Overexposure to air has a three-fold effect on wines. When air is dissolved into the wine, the oxidation process starts. To make it simpler, oxidation results in the browning & loss of the fruity aroma and the characteristic aroma of the grape used in the wine. The wine also has a nutty taste, similar to that of almonds, walnuts, and macadamia which the wine doesn't normally have.

Another is the contamination of aerobic bacteria. These are bacteria that are active in the presence of air. Spoilage of overexposed wine can also be attributed to yeast. It causes an off-flavor to the wine.

6. What Happens When You Aerate the Wine Too Much?

While it is true that some wines, especially the red, need aeration, too much can also result in spoiling a good wine. When serving an aerated or decanted wine, avoid swirling it or using a wide bowl glass to prevent too much aeration. The resulting stale wine might be wrongly attributed to the innocent aerator.

Keeping Your Wine at the Optimum Temperature

The right temperature is needed to keep the different types of wines in their tiptop condition. This list will help you keep your temperature to serve it at its best. Enjoy your wine!


As in any undertaking, it is best if you understand what you are doing. Wine aeration may sound simple but there is more science in it that we know. Take time to learn which red wines should be aerated and which should not. After all, you want the best drinking experience possible to help you wind down after a hectic week. The least that you want is to drink wine that is stale or even more, harboring disease-causing bacteria. To open your wine bottle, you might need this 3-in-1 corkscrew such as this one. For a list of cheap wines, you can try with your wine aerator, click here. If you are anywhere near it, you can visit Ohio for some great wine destinations.

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