Apricot Sour Cocktail

The sweet and tart flavor of apricot is great for making mouthwatering dishes as well as succulent desserts. It is an all around fruit which you can choose to eat fresh or dried. Surprisingly, it can also be used as a thirst quencher in the form of juice, marmalades, and even cocktails!

Sour, on the other hand is a mixture of drinks. It is a before-meal drink that makes our palate ready for the main course. Therefore it's usually served sweet with a hint of sour flavor that incorporates everything.

One well-known cocktail that you can do with apricot is Apricot Sour. Here is the recipe to guide you in making such a wonderful drink.

Apricot Sour Ingredients:

Apricot Sour Preparation:

  1. Muddle the apricot in your shaker together with ice. 
  2. Then add in whiskey, apricot brandy, apple juice, lemon juice and syrup. Mix properly. 
  3. Strain and transfer to a chilled rocks glass filled with ice. 
  4. Garnish with twisted lemon rind.

Watch It Here: 

Make it a habit of trying new things. You'll never know what you can discover and you might just find your new favorite cocktail in the form of apricot sour. Cheers! 

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