7 Unconventional Liquors For Your Home Bar

Those that regularly host dinner parties or entertain guests often find themselves playing the role of bartender. Every great bartender or amateur mixologist has a great selection of liquor to mix into their signature cocktails.

Here are 7 unique selections that are sure to spark some lively discussion!

Pizza Beer

Pizza BeerYes, you heard it. Pizza Beer is a beer that tastes exactly like it sounds! Back in 2006, Tom and Athena Seefurth decided to come up with a beer that would pair well with pizza. The beer has been wildly successful and contains a creative mix of oregano, tomato, basil, wheat crust and other ingredients. Even more impressive, the beer is 100 percent debris-free. All of the ingredients are filtered out after steeping, leaving just the essence of pizza behind.

Comb 9 Gin

Crafted from fermented orange-blossom honey, this botanical gin’s sweet origins make it a one-of-a-kind liquor that is sure to impress your friends. The botanical flavors of a typical gin combine nicely with the orange blossom base notes to create a complex flavor profile that will add some sophistication to your cocktails.

Three Penis Liquor

In sharp contrast to Comb 9’s sophistication, Three Penis Liquor is a liquor that actually contains seal penis, Cantonese dog penis, and deer penis. Useful mostly for shock value, our recommendation is that once you have had a shot of this, chase it with a Tic Tac.

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Bacon Vodka

Bacon Vodka

Breakfast lovers rejoice, bacon vodka exists. Thanks to Seattle’s Black Rock Spirits, Bacon Vodka is available for the public. It is a premium spirit that contains an essence of meaty, peppery flavor and has a clean and crisp profile. Want to spice up your bloody mary? Try your luck with the bacon vodka.


Cynar, an Italian liqueur, known for its slightly bitter taste, is flavored with artichoke. Aside from artichoke, it combines a proprietary blend of over a dozen other botanical ingredients to create a distinct flavor. It is said to be an effective digestive aid when combined with large meals.

Three Lizard Liquor

It seems strange liquor comes in threes. Three Lizard Liquor is one of the most bizarre things you may ever drink, and is not for the faint of heart. In some Chinese and Vietnamese cultures, this liquor is said to impart powerful energy (known as qi) to those who drink it. In addition to imparting mystical energy, it is also believed that the liquor prevents evil spirits from doing harm to you!

Kikori Rice Whiskey

Kikori founder, Ann Soh Woods, based this whiskey on shochu, a traditional Japanese spirit. Distilled from rice that is grown in Kumamoto, Japan, this whiskey has hints of tobacco, tea and a yeasty flavor. This whiskey could be just what you need to put a new twist on an Old Fashioned.


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