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Kegerators are refrigerators for your kegs. They're refrigerators with a built-in tap and are designed to keep your kegs cool for long periods. There are different kinds of kegs for all sorts of areas like freestanding, built-in, outdoor, and commercial.

Different Types of Kegerators

Freestanding. These are versatile and customizable. They often come with wheels so you can move them to different areas of your home. Remember that freestanding kegerators are not meant to be built-in and require proper ventilation.

Built-in. These types of kegerators can match and blend seamlessly with your countertops. They're great for small kitchens that require a lot of space, but the installation cost may be too high for some.

Outdoor. This is for the ones who love to spend their time outside. Outdoor kegerators are specifically built to withstand the elements but can be limited by their location. With all the wear and tear from the environment, these kegerators' lifespan is shorter than others.

Commercial. These Kegerators are built for a professional setting like restaurants and bars . They're large and provide extra space for bottles and cans. However, they require more power compared to other kegerators.

Kegerators Buying Guide

Size and Shape

The size of the kegerator can significantly affect your work area if your space is limited. Freestanding kegerators take up a lot of space, while built-in kegerators can be placed under your counter.


Some kegerators require more money than others. You have to consider the assembly, installation, and power cost of the kegerator. Your budget and expenses are essential for business and daily living.


This is specifically for outdoor kegerators since they're exposed to the elements. Maintaining a kegerator can be difficult and takes a lot of your time, so purchasing an indoor kegerator can help you if you want something easy.


The size and shape of your kegs affect your kegerator. If you purchase a small kegerator, then large kegerators won't be able to use it. Similarly, large kegerators can't house small kegs since they won't reach the tap.

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